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We've gotten a lot of requests for card packs as of late.  You know the deal:  you are heading out the door ready for that party to celebrate your best bud JoJo's B-day, and you have your moonshine in one hand, a spatula in the other, ready to hop on that motorized scooter and head out, when you realize you forgot that all-encompassing birthday card.  JoJo gets raging mad when no birthday card is given--raging enough to hurl ketchup at your scooter wheels again.  Yikes.  You gotta back that scooter up right to the computer and check out these card packs: 




We have the birthday pack, thank you card pack, or pu pu sampler of all occasions in one.  And for 15 monies a pop, it's a real steal. Then once you got all your cards for the season, you can focus on how to make your moonshine not taste like tar fire.

Written by Spicy Hobo — March 18, 2014


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