Spicy Hobo is all about environmentally friendly humor greeting cards

I'd like to tell you a wee bit about some one of a kind humor greeting cards that will create a new crease of wonderment on your forehead.

Spicy Hobo is all about environmentally friendly greeting cards made to make confused people happy and happy people confused. We have a passion for paper, both living in it and creating on it.

We’re a unique card in the space. If you’re tired of getting (or giving) the same half-naked birthday hunk or the same cat in a cowboy outfit riding a dog, make the next event special with a card from Spicy Hobo.

The idea for Spicy Hobo was born on a day not very different than the best day of your life. We were sketching two people dancing for a Valentine’s Day card at one of those big card companies, but became so bored that we changed the lady into a lamp post and that is what started this whole crazy line of cards.

Check us out at http://www.spicyhobo.com!

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